CBE - Our Social/Event token - Available via CoinFestUKs 2020 Wallet Partner Trustology

Our event token is a socially focused token rewarding attendees at our events, the token can be earned or gifted and spent throughout our events (and online). The aim of the token is simple: To increase interaction throughout our events between all attendees on every level.

CoinFestUK ETH Onboarding guide

We have created a ETH onboarding guide as part of our CoinFestUK event, visit the site to help you get started with creating your first ETH address / wallet in the TrustVault app.
Onboarding guide at CoinFestUK

Keeping our token within our events

We hope to keep our token within our range of events (Inc co-organised events). For now you'll need a CoinFestUK ticket to join our tokens eco-system at signup (Via XS8), this isn't a perfect system as we understand some attendees don't want a ticket - Stay tuned, we'll work it out!
Our ticket system will reopen soon.

XS8 Our dedicated token website - Signup, Earn/Spend details and benefits.

Our token management will be controlled over at XS8, here you will find information on signing up to be part of the tokens eco-system. how to earn and spend the token and token benefits. Signing up will add you to our mailing list and you'll receive some free tokens when the system fully launches. Visit XS8

Token Partners

Here we will show some of our token partners who will be offering merchandise, services and content in the CBE token eco-system.
A full list can be found at our dedicated XS8 website under the Partners section (Coming Soon).

Information and terms

Our token isn't for sale! We aren't raising any money with these tokens, no ICO, token sale etc is linked to these tokens. We won't sell them to you, so if anyone is selling them let us know! The token will only be earned by or gifted to event attendees.

Token App

TrustVault by Trustology. Onboarding guide here

Token Managers

Adam (CryptoBatesGroup), Isaac (@isaacndgk) and Ross (@techn1curious)

Token Specs

Token Name: CryptoBatesEvent Token

Token Code: CBE

Technology: ERC-20

Token address: 0xd166f67596b7a628334c057a65e9fe51491acb32

Current Supply: 300,000

Supply capped at: 1,000,000

Further Information / Wallet Support

For clarity on any of the above points or further information on our token please email: token@cryptobatesgroup.co.uk

For any wallet support please chat to Trustology in app or via email: contact@trustology.io