Puzzling NFT

THE CODE HAS BEEN CRACKED! - Page saved for reference

Here is our 'Puzzling NFT' project. Purchasing the NFT unlocks an image which is encoded with a private key to a Ethereum address. Crack the code to retrieve the key, then sweep the key (Guide can be provided) to claim the NFTs and funds at the address!

Limited to 25 NFTs, with the sale of each NFT 25% of the funds will go into the ETH address of the key, so with each sale the prize fund increases!

Puzzle Objective: Crack the code!
Clues: After purchase, you can ask us for a clue every 24 hours. Use the email link at the bottom of the page to start your quest!
Once solved: Then sweep the key to claim all the NFTs and funds

Remember you can checkout the public address for the NFTs and funds which can be claimed by the winner:
Public Address: 0x0d362252017a8997f1A0C48aeb52EBd067e686E5

- We'll be sending some free NFTs to the public address to grow the prize list
-Limited to only 25 NFTs. We ask participants not to release the uncracked puzzle into the 'wild' until the puzzle has been solved
-The private key was generated via an air-gapped PC by a sole CBG team member, no other member or external user has seen or accessed the private key.
-The software used to 'encode' the image is publicly available.
-Keep an eye on the ETH address being swiped and someone claiming the assets!

Funds and NFTs held at the address include:

- ETH .34

Artwork NFTs
- Bitcoin Is In The Eye Of The Behodler
- The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole
-Ring 11 from our 'NFT Artwork + NFC Technology' collaboration with Primal Cypher (To be allocated when we have a winner!)
-Pixel-8 Scene 1.1: 'The Crypto Bar with CryptoRaptor' - CoinFestUK 2019

10 CBE Tokens - Redeemable online or at our physical event

Physical Pieces
-'The Last Bitcoin Supper' - Signed, Print 6/200 - by @YoulDesign - See this tweet for a photo of the artwork