NFT Artwork + NFC Rings - A CryptoBates & Primal Cypher collaboration

A unique collection of NFT artwork encoded onto NFC rings, this artwork collection contains 11 1/1 Unique pieces of NFT Artwork - Titled "ETH Gate" - Created by the awesome artist Primal Cypher

Each ring is encoded with one of the pieces of unique artwork and is encoded with the ETH address holding the unique artwork NFT, the rings are encoded by the CryptoBates team

A holding NFT is created for each unique piece and offered for sale via MintBase, one this is purchased the MP4 of the artwork is minted and encoded onto the NFC ring. This ring is then posted out via Secure postage (Sealed in a faraday bag)

Each ring comes with a link to our import guide to help the user import the artwork into their wallet (If they wish).
As each ring is sold the next will become available

Rings which were up for sale are all now sold (Sold at 0.5ETH Each). Only Raffle & Auction rings now available

For raffle entries please email us using the email link at the bottom of the page to let us know your entry details. Winners ETH address added here and announced on social media once all NFT tickets sold.