CryptoBatesGroups Pixel-8 NFTs immortalise famous (and infamous!) scenes from our previous CoinFestUK events. There will be a range of scenes created from each event. As well as scenes we are working with speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and guests to create characters and custom scenes personalised to their set up at our previous events

Our genesis scene is here, 'The Crypto Bar' scene from our 2019 event! We might not remember the night but we definitely remember the morning after!

Currently only 10/50 of the 'The Crypto Bar' scene have been minted (Crazy GAS fees!)

We've tested minting across different platforms, with our latest Character Scene - 'The Crypto Bar with CryptoRaptor' we have minted across two platforms, with the total being no more than 10 NFTs. See below:

7/10 Rarible
3/10 Mintbase

Pixel-8 Stats

  • 50 Scenes in development
  • A range of characters including speakers, VIPs, sponsors and guests are in development
  • Covering 4 years of CoinFest events
  • Only 50 NFTs will be minted of each scene
  • Only 25 NFTs will be minted of each character
  • Only 10 NFTs will be minted of each character scene
  • Limited edition scenes are in development with event VIPs

Build your collection of scenes to create your own CoinFest experience! More updates coming soon, stay tuned, bookmark this page for further updates.