We work to develop and grow the cryptocurrency eco-system through events, education and projects, we hope to blend cryptocurrencies seamlessly into everyday life. We are no experts, entrepreneurs or influencers just enthusiasts!

Adams first crypto focused business dates back to 2012 and his list of projects and collaborations slowly grew, the resources of all of Adams projects were combined in 2015 and CryptoBatesGroup was born. Under one roof we quickly expanded, holding advisory roles and collaborating with projects all over the world.

Proud to be based in Manchester, UK.

Our Projects

"With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless" - Satoshi Nakamoto

Our Projects / Collaborations

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Merchant Adoption

Merchant Adoption 2021 - MADP-37 Excel Sheet: Available soon

Merchant Adoption 2021 - MADP-37 Questionnaire: Available here

POS Terminals

POS Terminal testing videos: Vimeo

Pizza Transaction via FastBitcoins Terminal: Vimeo

Photos of FastBitcoins Terminal at Tre Amici: Twitter Post

Transaction receipts from FastBitcoins Terminal and till: Twitter Post


2021 Stats from Tre Amici Pizzeria: Twitter Post

2020 Stats from Tre Amici Pizzeria: Twitter Post

Calculator / Satoshi Costing Example

Satoshi Calculator:

Slices For Satoshis:


CryptoBates & Tre Amici Bitcoin Pizza Day Voucher: Pizza Day NFT

Crypto Meetups

We will be hosting crypto meetups at our Pizzeria in Bury, Greater Manchester. These meetups will include workshops, guest speakers and testbed events

Past Meetups & Events

October 7th 2019

Our first crypto meetup went well. We had the awesome Greg Walker hosting a workshops on "How Blockchain Works" and SidewalkBitcoin discussing the FastBitcoins terminal.

Upcoming Meetups & Events

None currently scheduled

Some of our favourite Bitcoin quotes

"Heading Down the Cryptocurrency Rabbit Hole"

"Bitcoin isn't a bubble, it's the pin"

"When Gold sleeps, it dreams of Bitcoin"


"Value your wealth in Satoshi"

"Helping change the financial world, one block at a time"

"Using Bitcoin does to the big banks what e-mail does to the Postal Service"